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Traditional Chinese medicine acts in unison with everything else that we do in our everyday life. The strategy of Chinese medicine is to restore balance and harmony in the body. The body’s vital energy (Qi) flows through distinct pathways called meridians or channels.

In the work of Manaka Yoshio, MD described meridian and acupuncture points as a transportation network
distributed over the whole body. The meridians can be compared to railways lines, and the points to stations. Their organization is similar to railway networks, and the pathways are complex and densely interwoven.
Even though a person may not be aware of abnormalities in this network, it can produce various symptoms. It is probably that early detection and daily correction of abnormalities could play an important part in the maintenance of our health as well as successful treatment.

My goal as a physician is to care for and serve people with holistic medicine. It is my hope to influence other people's lives through Traditional Chinese medicine.


It has been my experience that natural remedies provide more effective treatment because they work in harmony with our bodies as opposed to artificial chemicals, which have many side effects.Throughout this journey, I am dedicated to helping each patient achieve a happier, healthier and more harmonized lifestyle.